Heavy shipping
by BigRoll

Our Service

Vessels with the required specifications

With an innovative fleet of vessels, BigRoll transports the world’s most heavy and large modules. The unique specifications of our Module Carriers offer solutions for onshore and offshore heavy transport projects. Vessels which are equipped with DP2 and ice classed certificated are often of unprecedented importance in such projects. The BigRoll vessels have already undertaken a number of challenging voyages.

Our Fleet

The BigRoll vessels are characterized by their complete flush deck and high ballast capacity. Discover our two types of BigRoll vessels.

Our Solutions

The Module Carriers are specially designed to deliver heavy, large modules. But these vessels can also safely transport many other cargo types.


The projects carried out by BigRoll appeal to the imagination because of the oversized cargo. Stay informed about the sailings of the BigRoll vessels.

Factory to Foundation

One contractor taking care of all interfaces to facilitate the movement of heavy cargo from the place of manufacturing to its final installation location. A complete ‘Factory to Foundation’ solution – that is what Roll Group provides. Operating under one name, the abilities of the RollDock, BigRoll and Roll-Lift
公司进一步加强。欧宝娱乐官方网站入口卷组蜜蜂n developing innovative engineered solutions for heavy transport, lifting and installation challenges on land and at sea since 2006.

The benefits of our Dock-type vessels

Our fleet contains a total of six dock type semi-submersible, multifunctional heavy lift transport vessels. All have three methods to load and discharge cargo: Roll-On/Roll-Off, Float-In/Float-Out or Lift-On/Lift-Off. Our fleet has many advantages making our vessels suitable to transport a variety of cargo, such as modules and ships.

• Dock walls offer protection against elements of nature;
• Hatch covers offer maximum loading deck-space;
• Cargo accelerations are monitored by Octopus motion monitoring system;
• Power and water supply to cargo areas offer maintenance opportunities during voyage.

The special design of our Multi Carriers

Our fleet also includes two Module Carriers – specially designed to ensure flexibility and multi-functionality. Due to their specific characteristics the BigRoll vessels are ideally suited to the transportation of a wide range of cargoes, including modules and harbour cranes.

• Built in accordance to Finnish Swedish 1A Ice Class;
• High ballasting capacity to reduce loading and discharge times;
• Low fuel consumption;
• Great seakeeping behavior to minimize acceleration forces on the cargo;
• Prepared with dynamic positioning capabilities.